My name is Rob.  I work in organic vineyards.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Wilfried Says:

    Hi Winefarmer,

    I am just discovering your blog, which is very new in the “vinoblogosphere”.
    So welcome and good luck 😉

    Santé !

  2. I had an enjoyable time going through your blog. That piece of ‘midrash’ —seems very unlikely. There are no mentions of pigs or monkeys in the torah, so that seems a bit suspect to me, and we leave Satan back in Eden, but i enjoyed it!

    I would love to know some more about you and want to know about the fight between York and Grahm at the bioD conference in SF. Would you mind? –Alice

  3. phil Says:

    I found your post on Judaism, Dionysus and milk while searching on the same topic. Here are some other things you might find interesting (if you haven’t encountered them already):

    Ploughing the clouds: the search for Irish Soma: examines milk as a common occurence in the Vedic and Dionysian rites.

    Gods of Love and Ecstacy: the traditions of Shiva: Connects ecstatic traditions from India and Greece (this is an informal collection of links on this I’ve assembled)

    Kumiss, a primitive wine made from sugar fermented milk, may be a clue to this-(“the land of milk and honey” indeed)

    fascinating stuff!

  4. Hi Rob,

    makes a great reading your blog.

    The world of wine is wide and wonderful.

  5. Leah Says:

    Hey – was just doing some research (at my desk in the rainforest in New Zealalnd) for my biodynamics paper and came across your kooky write-up. This organics stuff cost me a 10 year relationship, too – I’m not crying tho ‘ been singing to my plants and they love it!

    Happy explorations, buddy. Go well. Leah

  6. Great to see some true grit happening over there fella! I once hung out rollin barrels and nibbling Habaneros in some caves in your parts. Heavenly.
    Is there still the star trek bar in Agua Calliente?

  7. Sheana D Says:

    Call and be in touch, we miss you in Sonoma! The best of luck in Oregon and we look forward to hearing from you!
    Your friend,
    Sheana D

  8. Chiara Says:

    Hi Rob!
    Congratulation for your job! It’s really an hard work!
    I’m italian and I work for a company wine and food. We share the passion for our local products and we would like to add your Blog at our Blog roll list if you do the same.our blog is
    We have also a selection of organic wine and food and we are really interested to preserve our local enviroment!
    Sorry for my english! Hope to receive some news very soon! That’s my email thank you for you attention! Goodluck Chiara

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